-Milonga de la Farmacia-

27 avril 2019: La Farmacia au Sev52 avec DJ Max Marzano (IT)

For this nice spring milonga, we invited TDJ Max Marzano.

Max is Italian, and collects 78rpms, especially those from d'Arienzo edited from 1936 to 1939). He is a traditionalist, bringing into each milonga a piece of the old Buenos Aires spirit.

We know that the venue will be an inspiration to him, and we look forward to spending a great evening dancing to his selections !

20.- CHF, drinks and snacks included.
Venue: SEV52 , Avenue de Sévelin 52, 1004 Lausanne
Yves, Pierrette, Isabelle

Facebook event : RIGHT HERE

Le SEV52, un lieu incroyable pour votre bureau indépendant en coworking, ou vos événements professionnels !



-Hormigas Tango Week-End 2019-

A marathon in the country, with you, lots of good things to eat, and the music we love.


5 milongas
Everything we need to dance our way to happiness !
Delicious meals
(and vegetarian!) thanks Ludo for cooking for us !
Wooden floor
We set up the wooden floor in the venue.
Many extras
Yoga, walks in the countryside ...
50% of guests are from abroad
5 top DJ's
On-site dorms
We have some beds still in the official Swiss Army bunker !
Accommodations in the area
There are some rooms and BnB in the area, but don't wait too much.
Registration Hormigas 2019
Inscrivez-vous au week-end tango las Hormigas 2019 ! ---Les inscriptions de l'étranger ont la priorité pour les logements ---

-Cours débutants bilingue 2019-

Nice rates to encourage you
220.- (180.- student price) for the 10-class series !
Exciting classes
Free tryout class
Happy, friendly atmosphere

Pierrette BEZENCON

Dancer, tango teacher, former classical dancer, contemporary and modern'jazz
I wish to transmit my passion for Argentine tango and to make everyone discover the richness of this dance.


Artist, Teacher, Former classical and modern dancer
What I like is to see students understand and progress

-practica du vendredi-

Beginners Practica fridays in Lausanne

21:00 - 23:00
Happy, friendly atmosphere

Friday is the beginners day ... at SEV52!

(intermediaries and advanced are also welcome)

We know that Argentine tango is both easier than it is feared (it's a popular dance), and much more difficult than we imagine, as soon as we try to improve details.

In order to tame this dance, it is important to work, practice, test, interact with others, sometimes get the little advice that was missing.
Traditionally, this was done during "practicas", working sessions and in-depth training, during which one works in semi-autonomous mode.

Unfortunately, in Europe the "practicas" have over time all turned into "practilongas", then into informal "milongas". We want to avoid this, and put in place a space really dedicated to the practice

At SEV52, the practicas will be organized as follows:

- unstructured music (no tandas / cortinas): a given song is repeated 2 times, with 30 seconds of silence in between, to allow the exchange of feedbacks and a new test.
- no ronda, no mirada / cabeceo
- lighting adapted to practising and analysis (no "Milonga" -style decoration)
- positive feedback and respectful communication: we observe what happens in ourselves before trying to teach the partner. We also try to say what is going well or is appreciated by the other.
- Before making a proposal for improvement to his / her partner, we try to make a positive feedback on a different specific point. If we only have suggestions for improvements, without any positive point, it is better to say nothing and go work with another person.

Entry 5.-, in this case drinks and snacks NOT INCLUDED (Bar SEV52 available in self-service, snacks: bring your own).

-Nous organisons-

Regular Milonga: La Farmacia
Beginner courses (series of 10)
DJ technique class
(in summer) Priory Milonga (in Pully)
Open-air Milonga on the Priory Esplanade in Pully, about 2x per month
Workshops, Weekends, Seminars
Concerts, Festivals
The Charter we work by (french only)
Our Statutes (French only)



Here is the direct link to our Google Calendar, which allows you to view our events and their schedule in your phone or computer.


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