Milonga "The Farmacia" of November 24, 2018

Milonga "La Farmacia", 13th edition: Milonga to eat without moderation!

DJ Michael Lavocah, just after a fascinating conference, will be playing for us with all his knowledge and true passion for this music.

Expect a sparkling night!

20.- Entrance, snacks and drinks included.

Yves, Pierrette, Isabelle, Coco.


Michael Lavocah at the Farmacia November 24, 2018

The music of Carlos Di Sarli is almost unanimous among the tango dancers.
Rhythmic, lyrical, melodic, his pieces always worked to perfection are extraordinarily inspiring for the dancers.

Saturday, November 24, just before the Milonga La Farmacia you know well, the connoisseur Michael Lavocah we will share details, tell us how to better listen, understand, feel the music of Carlos Di Sarli.

This lecture will be given in English (very easy to understand); a translation will be available.

Michael is an amazing storyteller, his humor and knowledge are great, and you'll be thrilled.

Also open to non-dancers!

Learn more about Michael (In English)
His public appearances (In English)

And here are the details of the 4 books he has already written:

Tango stories: secrets of a music  (French quality translation)

Tangomasters: Carlos di Sarli

Tangomasters: Anibal Troilo

Tangomasters: Osvaldo Pugliese

Price: 25.- (or 40.- for the presentation and the milonga)


PRACTICA beginners 2018-2019 in Lausanne

21:00 - 23:00
Happy, friendly atmosphere

Friday is the beginners day ... at SEV52!

(intermediaries and advanced are also welcome)

We know that Argentine tango is both easier than it is feared (it's a popular dance), and much more difficult than we imagine, as soon as we try to improve details.

In order to tame this dance, it is important to work, practice, test, interact with others, sometimes get the little advice that was missing.
Traditionally, this was done during "practicas", working sessions and deepening, during which one works in semi-autonomous mode.

Unfortunately, in Europe the "practicas" have over time all turned into "practilongas", then into "milongas" informal. We want to avoid this, and put in place a space really dedicated to the practice of work.

At SEV52, the practicas will be organized as follows:
- A theme every Friday (linked to the beginners course that preceded): stay simple and work the basics.
- unstructured music (no tandras / cortinas): a given song is repeated 2 times, with 30 seconds of silence between two, to allow the exchange of feedbacks and a new test.
- no ronda, no mirada / cabeceo
- lighting allowing the work and the analysis (no deco type "milonga")
- positive feedback and respectful communication: we observe what happens in itself, before trying to teach the partner. We also try to say what is going well or is appreciated by the other.
- Before making a proposal for improvement to his / her partner, we try to make a positive feedback on another specific point. If we only have suggestions for improvements, without any positive point, it is better to say nothing and go work with another person.

Entry 5.-, beware of drinks and snacks NOT INCLUDED (Bar SEV52 available in self-service, snacks: to bring yourself).

We organise

Regular Milonga: La Farmacia
Beginner courses (series of 10)
DJ technique class
(in summer) Priory Milonga (in Pully)
Open-air Milonga on the Priory Esplanade in Pully, about 2x per month
Workshops, Weekends, Seminars
Concerts, Festivals
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  • Beginner and basic Argentine tango lessons
  • Practica of work (Argentine tango)
  • Beginner and basic Argentine tango lessons
  • Practica of work (Argentine tango)
  • Beginner and basic Argentine tango lessons
  • Practica of work (Argentine tango)
  • Beginner and basic Argentine tango lessons
  • Practica of work (Argentine tango)
  • Musicality Workshop M Lavocah
  • Milonga The Farmacia (DJ Michael Lavocah)
  • Beginner and basic Argentine tango lessons
  • Practica of work (Argentine tango)

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