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I don't know how to dance at all, can I come anyway?
Yes of course. Argentine tango is a popular dance, there are no complicated techniques at the beginning. It is even better not to have any dance experience! So don't hesitate any longer!
Can I come alone?
Yes, our lessons are suitable for people who take the lessons alone. However, it is preferable, if you can, to come as a couple. Currently, only couples living together will be able to apply couple dance techniques during our classes.
What is the price of the lessons?
Classes are 25.- per person (approximately 1 hour). The term of 10 lessons is 200.- per person. Private lessons: contact us.
Do we need special shoes, or special clothes?
Not at all, come dressed comfortably, and at the beginning you learn better with simple and light shoes (with slippery soles) or outright in socks.
What style of tango do you offer?
Our tango has nothing to do with the glitter tango that we can sometimes see on television. We want to offer a traditional tango, as it has been practiced for almost 100 years in Buenos Aires. A tango in connection with / to the partner, a tango of pleasure, a tango of sharing, of dialogue.