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Inscriptions ouvertes!

Your registration includes:

  • 5 carefully prepared, vegetarian meals, made with quality, locally-sourced ingredients, by our chef Valentin:

A welcome buffet (Friday noon)
A hot meal on Friday evening
A delicious brunch on Saturday noon
A hot meal on Saturday evening
A full brunch on Sunday noon

  • Extras: Yoga, Pilates, African Dance, Tai Chi (to be confirmed)
  • Drinks and snacks available at all times
  • Accomodation : Camping, underground dormitory, or 6-person dorms in the house, for 2 nights, (tourist and waste taxes included)

And of course 5 milongas with first class DJs!

Upon receipt of the FULL payment for BOTH partners (for couple registrations), you will receive a final confirmation of your registration. Please *ONLY THEN* book your flights, trains, hotels, BnB's
Bank transfer fees are your responsibility.
Once your registration is paid, there is no refund.
Please arrange for your own cancellation insurance!
There are no tickets to single milongas.
Please respect the Milonga codes.
It is recommended to invite (mirada only) people with whom you have never danced!
Children and pets are accepted, except for people having dorm accomodation. OK for campers.
The whole event is non-smoking, but smoking is possible outside.

There are encephalitis ticks in the area, campers make sure to be informed!