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I don't know how to dance Tango ...
We ask you for a small contribution of 5.- for drinks and snacks, you are welcome to watch the evening for a while. And if it makes you want to get into tango, join us for the start of the next series of "beginners" lessons on Friday evening! (Partner and special shoes not compulsory, small preliminary maintenance)
Can I invite a non-dancer friend?
Yes, we are happy to ask non-dancers to pay 5.- for drinks / snacks etc.
I forgot something at the milonga
The found objects are collected in a crate, normally you can recover them at the following milonga. If you need your items before the next milonga, please contact us. The oversights give us more work ... a small gift is welcome!
Can I put talc on the floor?
NOPE. Please give up the talcum powder. The floor is laminate, and therefore quite (sometimes even too) slippery. In addition, talc is difficult to clean and generates extra work for us.
Do we have to be a member of the Association?
Not at all, there is no such obligation at this time.
I want to come and demo / musicalize
Please contact us using the form. We only hire DJs we have heard, and who work in improvisation (no "playlisters"). For demos, we select on videos, or if we already know you.
I volunteer to help / tidy up
GREAT ! A very big thank you. How it works: you have to announce yourself before the milonga (contact form on the site) If you help us with the storage for an hour, we offer you the entrance. For two hours (or two people for one hour): TWO entries offered! Tasks: (it's especially after 2 a.m. that we need help) - storage of chairs - storage of tatami mats - cleaning - storage of lights and cables
Can I come and sell my shoes / dresses / jewelry?
Why not ? Contact us beforehand to set a date. We will ask you 10% of the total turnover, but you will have free entry.