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Pedagogy and course content

*** CLASS RESUMES ON MAY 5, 2022 ***

*** Thursday evenings at 19:45 p.m. ***

In our courses adapted for all levels, we favor a pedagogy based on understanding and bodily sensation, and on listening to yourself, to the music, and to your partner.

What you will find with us:

- Simultaneous work on all the elements that make up the tango: your own sensations, the link to the other in the dance couple, musicality, knowledge and body vocabulary, and the culture and history of Argentine tango.
- Personalized follow-up that takes your skills into account and highlights your strengths.
- A structured and constructed program, with a simple and achievable objective: to dance in a ball in a flexible, relaxed, pleasant way, for your greatest pleasure and that of your partner, while respecting the few basic rules of the ball.
- Simple tools allowing you to build * your * tango, and to improvise with flexibility in listening to music, stress-free and pleasantly.

Yves and Pierrette have been passionate about tango for 19 and 15 years. Both former dancers (classical and modern for Yves, classical, contemporary and modernjazz for Pierrette), their knowledge of the moving body, musical interpretation, history and culture of Argentine tango make them teachers for beginners and intermediates much appreciated.

They continue their training continuously, and have their pedagogy regularly checked and validated by reputable teachers.

Their training has been acquired over the years during numerous courses and seminars given by (among others):  Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh, Murat Erdemsel, Vaggelis and Marianna, Mariana Dragone, Diego Riemer, Tony and Elise, Maja y Marko, Maria Filali, Gianpiero Galdi, Chicho y Juana, Horacio and Cecilia 

They are also of course available (alone or in pairs) for private lessons or technical lessons: to solve a blocking aspect of your dance, to improve the fluidity of your dance with your partner, to work on the connection, or simply to approach and develop a new aspect of your musicality.

Dancing as a couple, a real treat!

See our "Frequently Asked Questions" page HERE

Practica de tango argentino Thursday evening, open to all

What is a practice?

*** Thursday evenings at 21:00 p.m. ***

Open to all dancers from the region (and elsewhere)
Contribution to the cost of 5.- (free for course students)

A practica is:

- the opportunity to practice the concepts learned in class, and to practice
- a moment of exchange and sharing with other dancers
- availability of teachers and more advanced dancers for some advice
- a preparation for the "Milonga"

La Pampa, a milonga in the middle of the fields

The first Pampa was really nice, the place is perfect for tango.
Come and discover the Pampa on May 29!

A milonga in the afternoon, in a magnificent location, with guest DJs.

We prepare for you:

  • Nice floor
  • Balanced sound
  • Snacks and drinks offered
  • quality guest DJs

In short, everything for an unforgettable afternoon.

Exact location:

Tango des Abricots: a weekend of tango in Valais

Dancing the Argentine tango in a magnificent place, in the heart of Valais?

Meet us at Tango des Abricots, a mini-marathon/encuentro organized by Tango-Connexion at Swiss Dojo in Saillon (VS).

Accommodation on site (sleeping bag, common room, tatami floor) possible, otherwise here are the accommodations nearby:

Public transport: bus 311 from Martigny station (schedule in pdf).

Saturday 15pm - 19pm DJ Sarah (GE)
Hot meal
Saturday 20 p.m. - 01 a.m. DJ Oksana (CH/RU)
Sunday 10 a.m. (only for people who have chosen accommodation on site): Breakfast
Sunday 13pm-18pm DJ Sia Alibaba (CH/TR)
Sunday 18 p.m.: Despedida

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may 2022

  • "La Pampa" milonga in Saillon

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Hormigas 2022 canceled / canceled

Hormigas 2022 unfortunately has to be canceled again this year!

If you had paid for your registration, you can:
- stay registered,
- request reimbursement, or
- register for Apricots Tango (July 9 and 10, 2022) and (if you wish) use some of your credit for payment.